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Homeless with a Child
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  Homeless with a Child  

Here are the words of a mother who found herself homeless:

“That first day of having nowhere to go and watching my daughter’s face of confusion while trying to answer her questions on why we didn’t have anywhere to go made me feel helpless and afraid. But like most innocent children, she asked if we were going to be ok and as I stared into her eyes I answered, “Yes”. I wasn’t going to blame anyone except yours truly because of the choices I’ve made in life. I made a promise to myself that I would never put my child through this again.

I found Cornerstone’s Women and Children’s Home that not only was a safe place for my child but what they offered was a case manager who gave me hope that we were going to be ok. The case manager connected me to numerous resources that led to a hopeful future. Every time I would become overwhelmed with things I would pray and I would think of scriptures and famous quotes that helped me not to give up because I knew that my child was worth working hard for.

I moved into an apartment and saw the excitement and happiness on my child’s face that this was our place to call home. I would like to give a special thanks to all the great encouraging people of the Cornerstone because not only have some of these people become my mentors but also people I can call a friend.”

Homeless With a Child  

When you give to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission, it allows us to continue supporting the homeless population in our community.

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